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Kristina is a sound designer for theatre, performance and film. 
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As Sound Designer:
DUET (Tabard Theatre), TRADE (The Pleasance, London and UK tour), BUT WHEN? (The Hat Factory), I Can’t Hear You (Theatre 503), HASBIAN (The Pleasance, London), Flightpath (Brockley Jack Studio Theatre), Serena Flynn: Lizard King (Camden’s People’s Theatre), Holst (Brockley Jack Studio Theatre), OUTSIDE (The Pleasance, London), Fever Pitch (The Hope Theatre), Tier Three Sisters (The Hope Theatre), The Lesser Bohemians (Drama Centre), MUD (Drama Centre), Mydidae (Drama Centre), An Intervention (Drama Centre), A Girl and a Revolution (Drama Centre), SOLUS (The Platform Theatre), Space Plague (Deptford Lounge), Mephisto (The Platform Theatre)

As Associate Sound Designer: Juniper and Jules (Soho Theatre)